Want to Become a Digital Nomad – Here’s What You Should Know

Step One

Check your bank balance and start saving. Unfortunately, serious debts are one factor that can really rain on your digital nomad parade. If you do have debt, you may have to reconcile yourself to the fact that you’ll need to knuckle down at work and pay it off, or at least reduce it to a minimum monthly payment. If you’re fortunate enough to have some savings, lucky you! Ideally, you’ll need living costs for a year (or perhaps only six months, if you already have a freelance or online-based business) – which may be less than you think, depending on your first destination.

Step Two

Sell or rent out your house! (Or give your notice in to your landlord, if you’re a tenant.) How long this step will take is entirely dependent on your situation – but start your preparations early. If you own your own home, renting it out through a lettings management company could be a great option, which will also provide you with income each month. Don’t forget to let your service providers know that you’re leaving too.

Step Three

Quit your day job! Now’s the time to give your notice in at work. Plan to leave in two or three months, to give yourself time to make any necessary preparations – and of course, to choose your first destination and start getting excited! At this point you should also decide what you’re going to do to fund your digital nomad lifestyle – whether through freelancing online, affiliate marketing and blogging, teaching English… the possibilities are endless!

Step Four

Book your departing flight and a few nights accommodation at your first destination. You’ll also need to make sure you have any necessary vaccinations, and make sure you’re registered for tax as you’re now self employed – congratulations! Purchase a decent traveling bag – ideally cabin size for maximum flexibility – and a good lightweight laptop, if you don’t already have one. You’ll also need to either sell all your possessions, put them in storage, or donate them to charity.

Step Five

Plan your leaving party and bid farewell to your friends and family. You’re about to become a digital nomad and the world is your oyster! Get on that plane!

If you don’t currently have a location independent job, prepare to spend the first six months working hard to build an online business. But that’s half the fun!